— Unofficial Guide from My Own Experience

So I decided to write this “unofficial guide of travelling during pandemic” to share my experience…

Second last day!

Time indeed flies. I was told to check out on Saturday 1230noon. I tell my friend: I am excited to welcome to the new life; yet somehow, I started to miss this place a little bit.

I attended the Quantic Singapore-based virtual meet-up last night, thinking it’s…

I was supposed to watch a documentary and wrote down this diary last night. Then something unexpected happened. I suddenly had some severe bellyache shortly after my regular 6 o’clock exercise. I lied down a bit, it’s still there. So I thought if I eat some dinner, the pain would…

Night of the day 7.

Friday night — photo by me

I realize today that I will serve 15 nights and 15 days for my stay-home-notice, due to my arrival at midnight.

Still, I am getting a little bit anxious today.

Still, I want to congratulate myself, you are half-way there.

So, in order to celebrate…

Today I spent quite some time working and re-connecting. One of my old friends contacted me asking about the stay-home-notice procedure and experience, not just because he is curious, but also because his startup is involved in working with Singapore government on covid speed testing project, which could potentially help…

Yumin Jiang

Startup hustler, language enthusiast, non-stop traveler

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